Random randoms about the author.

  • Nocturnal creature.
  • Perpetually distracted.
  • Shutterbug.
  • Quasi geek.
  • Procrastinator.
  • Neurotic by nature; harmless when nurtured.
  • Whiner.
  • Human alarm clock.
  • Everybody’s PA.
  • Eats corn on a cob one kernel at a time.
  • Digs pointed, heeled shoes and flip flops.
  • Loves dark chocolates.
  • A sucker for lilies and tulips.
  • Can stay awake for 40 hours.
  • Can sleep for 17 hours straight.
  • Likes oversized sunnies, watches, and bags.
  • All photos on this blog are owned and copyrighted by Katherine V. Lara and are protected by Philippine and international copyright laws.

    3 Responses to About

    1. maimai says:

      hi…looking for people to shoot with here in davao..i’m quite new here in this place and just a newbie as well in photography…could i join you guys if you go to shoot some place?

    2. katherinevlara says:

      Hi Mai, there’s actually a photography group here in Davao. Join us at http://www.fanaticphotographers.com. It’ll be nice if you can join us one of these days. 🙂

    3. Bing Peña says:

      couldn’t help notice #6 is that “Neurotic by nature; harmless when nurtured” or harmless when neutered =)

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